Bocada Releases Centralized Cloud Storage Monitoring for Azure, AWS S3, and Google Cloud

New Cloud Storage Reporting & Alerting Capabilities Enable IT Teams to Monitor Cloud Storage and Save on Fees

The Bocada Team | May 22, 2023

New Cloud Storage Reporting & Alerting Capabilities Enable IT Teams to Monitor Cloud Storage and Save on Fees

Seattle, WA – Bocada has added cloud storage monitoring and alerting to its centralized monitoring software. Available in Bocada’s latest monthly product release, the new storage reporting capabilities give IT teams unprecedented visibility and control over their utilization and cost management of Azure Storage Accounts, AWS S3 buckets, and Google Cloud containers.

As IT environments continue to expand on the cloud, IT teams are increasingly looking for ways to streamline their cloud storage utilization. Bocada’s latest updates give Bocada users object-level visibility into their cloud storage utilization in the same single-pane dashboard they already use to monitor their backups.

The new storage utilization reporting is highly granular and customizable. Azure users, for instance, can now monitor storage consumption and growth trends of storage accounts spanning multiple tenants and subscriptions in a single view, down to the detail of blobs, tables, queues, and file shares.

Customizable alerting based on total consumption or growth over time helps admins quickly and reliably detect and warn against cost spikes or overruns driven by cloud storage utilization.

Matt Hall, Bocada’s Global Head of Sales, explains how the new reporting expands the value proposition for Bocada customers. “More and more of our customers are transitioning to multi-cloud environments involving some combination of Azure, AWS, and/or Google Cloud. In the cloud, storage represents a major expense – sometimes surpassing 25% of an organization’s total cloud spending. Our new cloud storage reporting enables Bocada’s enterprise clients to potentially save millions of dollars per year in cloud storage fees.”

Cloud storage monitoring and alerting is available immediately to customers using Bocada 23.2.05. To learn more about Bocada’s newest capabilities, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.


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