Bocada Backup Monitoring Automation in the AWS & Azure Cloud

The Bocada Team | May 18, 2021

Bellevue, WA – Bocada LLC, an award-winning automation platform for data protection monitoring, announces support for running its industry-leading backup reporting and monitoring platform in the cloud. Organizations using SQL PaaS in the cloud will now be able to leverage Azure SQL database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Amazon RDS to run Bocada.

Customers using Bocada in the cloud will enjoy the same breadth of automated backup monitoring and reporting available in on-prem installations. This includes access to Bocada’s 60+ highly customizable reports to oversee daily backup performance and storage usage as well as to manage recurring compliance and audit tasks. Further, customers can continue leveraging Bocada’s full suite of data protection automation capabilities including CMDB integration for asset validation, AWS & Azure asset protection reporting, critical failure and storage spike alerting, and ticketing system integration.

According to Matt Hall, Bocada’s sales leader, developing a Bocada cloud solution was a response to customer adoption of platform-as-a-service infrastructures as well as broader trends in the IT category. “As IT operations teams build further efficiencies into their day-to-day operations, there’s a natural progression to adopt cloud solutions that minimize recurring software and platform oversight. With the added challenges of a global pandemic limiting access to data centers, remote management of backup operations has never been more important. By providing a cloud-ready version of Bocada, customers who are going all-in on cloud data protection can also enjoy automated and centralized cloud backup monitoring and reporting. Meanwhile, organizations considering these transformations can have a ready-made solution when they do make that transition.”

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About Bocada:

Bocada LLC, a global IT Automation leader, delivers backup reporting and monitoring solutions that give enterprises complete visibility into their backup performance. Bocada provides insight into complex backup environments, enabling IT organizations to save time, automate ongoing reporting activities, and reduce costs. With the largest installed customer base in the Fortune 500, Bocada is the world’s leading provider of backup reporting automation. For more information, visit