Bocada Announces Redstor Reporting

Furthering Backup Monitoring for MSP Cloud BaaS Teams

The Bocada Team | August 12, 2021

Furthering Backup Monitoring for MSP Cloud BaaS Teams

Kirkland, WA – Bocada LLC, an award-winning IT automation company, has announced support for Redstor backup monitoring. MSPs managing customer backup environments with Redstor’s cloud-native solution can now use Bocada’s single pane dashboard to oversee their environments alongside other hybrid-cloud or on-prem customer implementations.

Reporting for Redstor follows Bocada’s growing support for MSP-centric backup solutions including Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Veeam Service Provider Console, allowing MSPs to further automate end-customer backup operations monitoring while finding ways to reach new customers and monetize existing cloud customers. Reporting for Redstor includes backup successes and failures, failure restore alerting, and SLA compliance, in addition to other much-needed backup performance metrics.

According to Matt Hall, Bocada’s sales leader, developing a Redstor plugin was a direct response to South African MSP customers seeking additional ways to automate end customer backup operations oversight. “Several of our regionally-based MSP customers are selecting Redstor as a backup product of choice for its adaptable, cloud-native backup and recovery features. However, they still need centralized monitoring to build efficiencies into their BaaS offerings. Introducing native support for Redstor not only addresses these operational needs but also gives MSPs additional opportunities to win new accounts with cloud-only environments.”

Redstor reporting is available to customers using Bocada 21.2.8. To learn more about Bocada’s new Redstor reporting capabilities, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.

About Bocada:

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