Bocada Announces Disaster Recovery (DR) Monitoring Capabilities

New DR Reporting is Purpose-Built for Stringent DR SLAs & RPOs

The Bocada Team | June 13, 2023

New DR Reporting is Purpose-Built for Stringent DR SLAs & RPOs

Seattle, WA – Bocada LLC, an award-winning automation platform for data protection monitoring, has announced a suite of new reporting capabilities purpose-built for disaster recovery (DR) monitoring.

According to Grand View Research, the disaster recovery solutions market is expected to grow at a 36.5% compound average growth rate thru 2025. Macro risks such as sophisticated cybercriminals, a surge in natural disasters, and fresh geopolitical instability (in parts of the world) have spurred many organizations to reexamine how they’re performing against their DR-specific SLAs and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Many organizations today use DR solutions from providers such as Zerto, AWS, Azure, Veeam, and Cohesity to enable advanced replication for their disaster recovery plans. However, even when teams do use excellent DR products, they often do so without a purpose-built DR monitoring tool capable of showing whether they’re actually prepared for the worst.

While DR products often report on SLA or RPO status, they essentially sound the alarm only after SLAs and RPOs have already fallen out of compliance, which is too late for teams trying to stay compliant.

Bocada’s purpose-built disaster recovery reporting and alerting will allow centralized storage and backup teams to stay ahead of issues that could affect DR SLAs and RPOs through early alerting and trend analysis, the latter made possible by Bocada’s historical data retention and purpose-built reporting. Importantly, the DR monitoring capabilities will live on the same single pane of glass Bocada customers already use for backup and storage monitoring.

Matt Hall, Bocada’s sales leader, explains how Bocada’s monitoring approach is particularly well-suited for the DR use case. “One key requirement of DR monitoring is allowing admins to spot emerging trends as they form. By spotting trends early (and automatically opening incidents in their ticketing systems), IT teams can remediate the underlying issues fast enough to stay in compliance with SLAs and RPOs. Given that alerting-only approaches to monitoring aren’t the best for spotting trends, Bocada’s combination of rich data visualizations, superior historical data retention (for YoY comparisons, for example), and versatile reporting automation will be particularly useful for data security and resilience teams.”

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