Now Available in Bocada 19.6.6

The Bocada Team | June 25, 2019

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 19.6.6:

New Features

AWS Backup Reporting

Added reporting for the recently released AWS Backup product. AWS Backup orchestrates centralized management and automation of backups across AWS services. The updated Bocada plugin supports all services available through AWS Backup including EBS volumes, RDS databases, DynamoDB tables, EFS file systems, and AWS Storage Gateway volumes.

Azure Storage Reporting

Added storage reporting for Azure providing insight into Azure storage utilization to assist in managing resources and costs.

User Experience Improvements

Bocada is making a large investment in its user experience throughout 2019. We have made substantive improvements to the following:

• A new Application Frame including the top bar and left navigation panel.

Installer Enhancements

Upgrade of the Bocada application is now fully automated with a one-click experience using previously configured settings.

Backup Client Version

The backup agent version and platform (OS) have been added to the backup clients view for NetBackup and Spectrum Protect backup clients. This provides a quick comparison of client version versus backup server version enabling targeted client version updates.

New Support Portal Launch

This month we re-launched our support portal to provide better access to documentation and self-serve materials via a new interface with improved searchability. The new portal can be reached through the support page on the main Bocada website, or directly at


Backup Clients Report

Several changes have been made to the Backup Clients report to enhance performance and scalability.


Updates to the jobquery collection method, including:

  • Adding support for NetWorker version 8.2
  • Adding the capability to show failed pseudo_saveset target backups
  • Improving performance and scalability of backup updates
  • Cleaning target name displayed for RMAN database targets

Data Protector

  • Added capability to use private keys when collecting data from cell managers
  • Clarified plugin properties to correct call out of SFTP connection rather than SSH


  • Flexibility added to use different collection methods for different collection types to enable more efficient collection of data
  • Improved pruning of collection data on the Bocada Data Collection server to prevent excessive disk usage