Bocada Zones: Create Backup Reports for Backup Clients Grouped Together

The Bocada Team | June 30, 2017

Managing backup operations is challenging for enterprises with a complex and dispersed data protection environment. It is tedious to create backup reports that tell you which clients account for most of your backup operations. For many companies, perhaps those with multiple data centers, it is also critical for backup admins to know which location is backing up most of the data.

The Zones feature in Bocada helps you get information regarding how your backup resources are being used and by which group of clients. Zones are logical groupings of backup clients based on any user-defined attributes, such as application, location, departments, cost centers, assigned admin, etc. For example, you could also easily create zones for various departments and find which departments are driving most of your backup resources usage, may be allocate costs to those divisions accordingly. Check out the video below to see how zones can be used to created such highly targeted backup reports.

If you are spending hours on creating reports like this, contact us to learn how we can help.

Bocada gives a single-pane-view of your global data operations, meaning complete visibility into your environment, lesser time spent on data collection and reporting and reduced risk of loss. It has more than 70 out-of-the-box reports for complete visibility into your enterprise backups. Through innovative, patented, agentless data collection Bocada eliminates manual backup reporting processes and enables backup admins to instantly create highly configurable backup reports they need.