Bocada Backup Activity Report

The Bocada Team | June 29, 2017

One of the responsibilities of Backup Admins is to provide monthly backup activity reports. They need answers to questions such as What were the backup jobs that ran this quarter for a particular client or backup product or server? When was the last successful backup completed? What was the throughput and the duration of the job? Getting answers to these questions might take hours every month, or even days. They need an automated, configurable backup report that would answer all these questions.

Bocada’s Backup Activity report does just that along with the ability to drill down into exact details regarding the job activity by selecting the status icon for that job. It has choices of as many as 30 columns and can be filtered and zoned as in all Bocada reports. Backup admins can choose to create a backup report having the information they need, from server information to job start/end date to backup metrics. The Backup Activity report also includes the possible actions for adding and finding annotations, viewing SLA Impacts, and adding alerts. You can even see the proprietary error codes from the backup product, without logging into servers or scrolling through emails. Check out the video below to see a brief overview of the Backup Activity report.

If you are spending hours on creating reports like this, contact us to learn how we can help.

Bocada gives a single-pane-view of your global data operations, meaning complete visibility into your environment, lesser time spent on data collection and reporting and reduced risk of loss. It has more than 70 out-of-the-box reports for complete visibility into your enterprise backups. Through innovative, patented, agentless data collection Bocada eliminates manual backup reporting processes and enables backup admins to instantly create highly configurable backup reports they need.