Announcing Multi-Application Server Enablement

Providing Broader Access To Backup Performance & Health Metrics

The Bocada Team | September 22, 2020

Providing Broader Access To Backup Performance & Health Metrics

Kirkland, WA – Bocada LLC, an award-winning backup reporting and monitoring automation solution, announces support for running multiple application servers in a single Bocada deployment, enabling broader access to backup metrics while continuing to support strong security practices.

This latest enhancement offers Bocada users more robust ways to share historical backup and storage metrics while simultaneously improving load balancing and performance. Global enterprises with rigorous security protocols across geographies, business units, network domains, or other distinct segments will now have more access options for complying with corporate or government data regulations. Additionally, MSPs can now provision end customers with Bocada access without the need to add a separate Bocada installation, and grant permissions at the user, manager, or administrator levels.

Matt Hall, Bocada’s head of sales, notes that this enhancement is a direct response to growing demands for access to data protection analytics by distributed, multi-national enterprises. “From internal and external auditors requiring compliance metrics to senior IT leaders needing dashboards to show asset protection to end customers wanting assurances that data is secure, there is a growing number of users requesting access to Bocada’s consolidated reporting. This newest enhancement ensures that a wide range of users can enjoy near real-time access to data protection metrics and gain peace of mind that data is secure.”

Multi-application server access is available to all customer on Bocada 20.2.9. To learn more about Bocada’s new multi-server access capabilities, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.

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