Announcing Automated Backup Storage Utilization Alerting

Providing Proactive Oversight To Enterprise Backup Teams

The Bocada Team | August 29, 2019

Providing Proactive Oversight To Enterprise Backup Teams

Kirkland, WA – Bocada LLC, an award-winning backup monitoring automation solution, has announced the release of its automated backup storage utilization alerting capabilities. For organizations backing up their data with cloud and on-prem backup products, Bocada’s new feature allows them to stay ahead of storage limitations or cost overruns before they result in major backup job failures or budget surprises. 

Organizations using a host of backup and storage products—from Cohesity, Azure Backup, and AWS Backup to Spectrum Protect, Commvault, and Data Domain— will now be able to be alerted when backup usage hits critical points that could mean insufficient storage or budget overages. This shift to proactive, automated alerting will give backup teams managing their environments to strict SLA success goals and budget criteria an opportunity to get ahead of a frequent culprit behind budgetary issues and backup failures. Teams will now have the ability to quickly spin up additional storage capacity before failures arise, or will get the cues they need to assess and revise their backup strategies to ensure retention period adherence while minimizing unnecessary storage usage.

Matt Hall, Bocada CEO, shares that this latest feature is one of several newly released capabilities to bring automated, proactive management to the backup and storage monitoring category. “The push for efficiency is driving enterprise IT and MSP BaaS operations teams. By introducing an automated approach to stay ahead of storage issues, we’re working to minimize the fire drills backup admins traditionally have to tackle, giving teams the opportunity to introduce more strategic, streamlined processes into their backup environments.” 

Automated backup storage capacity alerting is currently available to all Bocada customers using Bocada 19.6.8. To learn more about Bocada’s new features, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.

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