Accelerating Backup Job Failure Diagnosis

The Bocada Team | November 10, 2017

A backup job failure can mean losing valuable company or account information, or even customer or patient data in the case of malware attacks. But finding failed backup jobs can take a lot of time. Having all failed jobs highlighted provides a “worst case” view of backup performance and offers backup admins a way to quickly identify and solve failure issues.

Traditional backup activity reports can have thousands of jobs and multiple layers of information which may mask specific job failures. Backup failures at the client or target level may be obscured by subsequent successes or partial successes when rolled up to the server level. However, with Bocada’s Failure Emphasis feature, backup administrators can zero in on failed jobs more quickly. With quick access to the failed job information the admin can determine root causes and the need for re-running a specific job.

Come watch how our Failure Emphasis function gives backup admins a faster, more targeted look at servers that need greater attention.