MSP Uses Bocada to Enable Backup Monitoring & Transparency for The Cloud


IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)


An MSP managing cloud and on-prem backup products for geographically dispersed customers needed an optimized approach to overseeing backup performance and offer improved end-customer reporting.

  • Delivered transparent, account-level backup performance reporting for Azure environments.
  • Removed two-to-three hours per day on manual data collection and reporting.
  • Implemented performance metrics to proactively monitor issues that could negatively impact backups.


m-hance is a Microsoft Solution Provider specializing in offering a range of business solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. Following a customer partner model, m-hance develops best-in-class IT services and digital transformations by tailoring solutions to customers’ unique organizational needs.

With m-hance’s customer growth came new challenges for the core infrastructure team. They were being asked to deliver the same caliber of backup performance monitoring as they historically did while the number of backup products, and versions of those backup products, under management grew to include Azure, Veeam, Backup Exec, and Data Protection Manager (DPM). The time required to holistically manage these disparate systems was manual and time-intensive and challenged the team to offer transparent performance reporting back to their customers. The team knew there was an opportunity to streamline internal operations while elevating the visibility of performance for each customer.


Featuring native integration with the leading cloud and on-prem backup and storage solutions, Bocada offers IT infrastructure teams a single platform for automating and monitoring complex backup environments. With extensive, built-in customizable reports, Bocada enables simplified yet highly detailed backup performance reporting.

Bocada’s frequently leveraged Job Trends and Storage Trends Reports allow teams to quickly visualize backup health and performance and stay ahead of issues that can negatively impact performance. The Job Trends Report offers a granular view of each client in the backup environment, making it easy to segment backups by success, failure, or partial success while also giving admins details about the underlying causes of failures or partial successes.

Azure Cloud Backup Reporting

Meanwhile, the Storage Trends Report lets admins see patterns in storage usage down to the customer level and proactively identify when it’s time to provision incremental storage.

Azure Cloud Storage Trends

Built-in filtering and segmentation (Zoning) supports reporting customer-by-customer as well as at the server or backup product level. Additionally, Bocada’s open SQL-based database platform enables integration with other analytics tools, allowing for additional centralization across IT systems and consolidated monitoring.


Since implementing Bocada, the m-hance team has reaped both internal operational efficiencies and external customer satisfaction improvements. Bocada-mined and consolidated data is now part of m-hance’s cloud reporting offering. Customers with Azure enjoy regularly distributed, standardized reports that give them complete visibility into the breadth of work m-hance performs. With little manual intervention needed, m-hance has elevated their quality of service, providing customers with full peace of mind that their backups and IT infrastructure are protected.

Internally, the infrastructure team has added streamlined, proactive approaches into their operations. They completely removed the two to three hours spent per day on the manual data extraction and consolidation of backup performance data. They now spend just minutes a day reviewing automatically generated reports and isolating backups that need intervention. Further, regular team meetings now include looking at backup and storage metrics reports, letting the team proactively identify and address challenges to backup performance before they cause failures.

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