72% Reduction in Backup Failure Rates


IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)


An MSP needed a more efficient process for monitoring backup failures to ensure their customers were compliant with assorted industry regulations.

  • Reduced backup failure rates from 19.5% to 5.5% for a 72% overall reduction.
  • Reduced operating costs, freeing up team for higher-value activities.
  • Improved reporting detail ensuring compliance with internal policies and industry regulations.


An IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) supported their customers’ backup processes using native reporting from a variety of different backup products. Neither the MSP nor their customers were getting the level of reporting detail needed to effectively monitor the accounts. Without standardized, visual reports detailing backup success and failures rates, the IT Service Provider did not have continuous high levels of confidence that their customers’ backup processes complied with internal policies and industry regulations.

Aware that their customer’s backups were only growing in size, the MSP knew they needed a more efficient process for monitoring backup failures. The solution needed to be cost effective and scale across users, departments and geographies to meet customer demands.


Bocada, with over 70 pre-built reports, gives backup administrators immediate visibility into their backup environments as soon as it is installed. Included is the Backup Job Activity Report, a report which shows if backups have been completely successful, partially successful, or if they failed. With backup success details available at the client, server, or target level, backup administrators can quickly pinpoint which backups failed, giving them the alert they need to troubleshoot errors. There is no need to go server-by-server across multiple backup products to query data, nor is there a need for command-line scripts or report creation, assembly, and distribution. Bocada provides all of this in a simple integrated console.

A first-time run of the Backup Job Activity Report following installation yields an assortment of red X’s, isolating backup failures. By understanding these failures and addressing the underlying systemic issues, backup administrators will minimize the number of backup failures in their environment over time.

Case Study Backup Job Activity Report


After installing Bocada, our IT Managed Service Provider saw that nearly 20% of all backup jobs were failing. With new insights from reports like Bocada’s Failure Emphasis report, the MSP technical team reviewed daily backup performance and began isolating systemic issues in different parts of their customers’ environments to reduce the overall failure rates.

Backup Failure Rate Reduction Graph

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