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Unify Backup
& Storage Insights

Centralize backup monitoring and reporting under a single pane to automate cloud and on-prem backup operations, unprotected asset discovery, and compliance oversight.

The platform purpose-built for enterprise scale environments

Bocada Backup Job Trends Report
Bocada Automated Backup Reporting Icon

Backup Monitoring & Reporting

See cloud and on-prem backup performance data in a central console, automatically.

  • Aggregate performance metrics from over 40 cloud and on-prem enterprise backup and storage solutions under a single pane.
  • Create and schedule on-demand, highly customizable backup performance reports across any date range.
  • Segment your environment into key zones or regions for more tailored oversight or customer-specific management.

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Bocada Automate Backup Compliance Oversight Icon

Compliance Tracking

Spend just minutes on recurring compliance reporting, while building confidence that data is secure.

  • Pre-program and schedule recurring audit reports and remove hours of manual labor from month-end activities.
  • Capture unlimited historical performance data and be ready to address any and all auditor report requirements.
  • Annotate historical events to keep track of remediation efforts.
  • Enable report self-provisioning to support auditor or end customer queries.

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Bocada Executive Summary Backup Performance Report
Automated AWS Unprotected Asset Report
Bocada Automate Unprotected Asset Discovery Icon

Asset Protection

Identify new assets in your environment with zero protections and automate critical failure alerting to safeguard vital resources.

  • Automatically identify newly-created assets across your cloud, on-prem, or vCenter environments with zero backup protections.
  • Program critical failure alerting to quickly get a jump on key failures impacting backup success rates.
  • Stay abreast of unusual backup activity that could signal in-process cyber threats.

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Bocacda Automate Backup Failure Ticketing Icon

Workflow Automation

Streamline ticketing and backup operations to find and fix problems faster.

  • Automate the creation, monitoring, and closure of failure tickets for cleaner, seamless failure management.
  • Aggregate failure information for more targeted issue identification and resolution.
  • Tag environments by key geographies, customers, or business units for homed-in oversight.

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Bocada Automate Backup Failure Ticketing Configuration

Integrate your backup and data protection systems under the Bocada dashboard

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Effortlessly manage backups across your complex environment

Multi-tenant Architecture

Centralize complex backup operations with ease.

Single Pane View

Consolidate on-prem, cloud, or hybrid backups in one dashboard.

User Permissions

Grant role-based access and track user activity.

Automated Report Creation & Distribution

Schedule and send reports to the right people at the right time.

On-Demand Custom Reporting

Create versatile, highly custom reports in just seconds.

Environment Tagging

Segment servers or accounts for easy management.

SLA & Audit Reports

Develop tailored reports for compliance measurement.

Historical Data Retention

Report on backup performance no matter the time range.

In Progress Backup Activity

Identify long-running jobs in need of attention.

Critical Failure Alerts

Know the moment key asset backups fail.

Storage Alerting

Get ahead of unusual spikes in storage activity or usage.

Bytes Variance

Identify unusal patterns in bytes backed up.

Unprotected Asset Discovery

Pinpoint assets with zero backup protections, automatically.

Ticketing Automation

Streamline ticket creation, monitoring, and closures.

Storage Monitoring

Automate storage usage reporting and trend forecasting.