Cross-Platform Backup Monitoring: Commvault and NetBackup

Backup administrators have a growing need for consolidated reporting. More IT operations have multiple backup products. The most likely causes include merging of IT departments, moving to virtualization or adding cloud resources to an existing data protection environment.   An organization that is already using something like NetBackup may then be also required to support another […]

Veeam and NetBackup Reporting: Can you categorize errors consistently?

Backup administrators have a growing need for consolidated reporting. IT operations rely on multiple backup products now more than ever before. A common combination is the addition of a virtualization solution like Veeam to an existing data protection environment with something like NetBackup. Many objectives are met by having multiple backup products in an IT […]

Bocada releases version 9.7

Expands virtual reporting capabilities and increases administrative efficiency Kirkland, WA – Bocada- the world’s leading backup reporting software today announced the release of version 9.7 of the Bocada Reporting Software. Bocada uses customer feedback to design additional features for development. The new capabilities in the latest version are a result of constant customer interaction and […]

Why Specialized Backup Reporting Software?

For business users and backup administrators, it is crucial to know with certainty that data has been backed up successfully and is fully recoverable. Developers of a backup and recovery products primarily spend time enhancing the product’s backup capabilities. As a result, the reporting capabilities lack many necessary reporting features. For example, most backup products […]

Agentless vs Agent-Based Software: A Backup Reporting Perspective

In backup reporting, an agent is software installed and running on a server with the primary function of collecting information about data backups and pushing that information to a central location for reporting purposes. Over 15 years ago, locally installed agents might have been the best way to accurately report on backup servers. But in […]

Managed Service Providers: 5 Challenges in Backup Monitoring and Reporting

Backup as a Service is one of the offerings MSPs provide to their enterprise customers. This service enables organizations to outsource day-to-day backup responsibilities to MSPs for operational efficiency. But how does an MSP itself become efficient in monitoring and reporting while still meeting the service levels required in their customer contracts? Modern backup environments […]

Protecting Healthcare Data

Healthcare Mergers and Data Protection Mergers and acquisitions are a mainstay in our modern economy. According to Modern Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions there were 501 healthcare provider transactions in 2015. How do the IT operations teams keep up? Data protection requirements do not lessen in a merged environment. And yet there is an expectation for cost […]

Data Protection Supplier Diversification

Bocada’s customers know that technology is a key input to the success of their business. Many IT operations standardize on a single technology vendor to reduce complexity and improve accountability (one throat). Sole sourcing may also provide cost savings in exchange for exclusivity and volume discounts. However, relying on a single technology provider also creates real risks. For […]