A Clear View of Data Protection

Backup Reporting

Bocada is the leading independent backup reporting package for enterprises. Since 2001, Bocada has assured business continuity by independently validating backup success. In addition to disaster recovery, IT organizations must meet company and regulatory policies for data retention and archiving. Through patented, agentless data collection technology and interfaces to over 15 backup products Bocada simplifies an IT manager’s view of complex data storage environments. Because Bocada reports are not part of a backup product, they provide customers with independent verification of backup processes. One screen provides visibility to key backup success metrics and eliminates hours of data collection and compilation for compliance and SLA reporting. Bocada analytics shorten the path to failure troubleshooting and automate key aspects of backup administration

Adaptive for Diverse Backup Environments

Bocada has the right reporting package for you to independently validate your data storage operations whether your organization provides managed services, financial services, or healthcare services. Our backup reporting solutions apply to cloud backup, on-premises operations, or any number of different combinations. With agentless data collection Bocada is built to scale for the largest environments. Our biggest customers manage over 300,000 concurrent backup clients performing over 3 million daily backup jobs across 7 backup products while our smallest customers operate in a homogeneous environment with only 1 or 2 backup servers. The flexibility of the Bocada system can be adapted to fit your needs!


Human resources are the biggest scarcity and cost for any IT operation. Streamlining manual reporting processes leaves more time for other high priority projects. The Bocada reports eliminate time-consuming download and assemble processes to reduce what can be a multi-day process to less than an hour.


Bocada provides a single pane view into a broad range of metrics and storage technologies. Managed service providers generate consolidated backup reporting across 15 different storage technologies. Enterprises merging diverse IT environments quickly centralize reporting without the investment required to standardize on a single storage technology.


Compliance and SLA reports for data retention and recoverability are a fact of IT operations. Bocada reports offer browser-based access, scheduled reports and graphical presentation across an array of storage technologies. Simply meet compliance reporting obligations, quickly and easily.

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