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Key Wins From Automated Backup Monitoring

Enjoy 99.5% Monthly Backup Success Rate

The IT infrastructure team at Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) brought in Bocada to oversee the health of their 4,000+ backup client environment. With Bocada’s automated daily backup performance reports, the team enjoyed a clear view of overall performance rates as well as nuanced details to improve failure causes. Further, automated environment segmentation enabled easier management and oversight of individual bank subsidiary environments.

BCP’s transition to automated backup monitoring and reporting led to proactive management and more than 99.5% monthly success rates. They built greater confidence in their backup operations, all while building stronger data protection safeguards.

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Spend Just Minutes Per Day on Oversight

The HCL team managing a national bank’s 8,000 application servers brought in Bocada to mitigate the increasing amounts of time spent on manual data collection and reporting. Using Bocada’s automated reporting dashboard, the team collected robust backup performance data across a variety of backup software tools in just minutes.

Using Bocada’s built-in, customizable reports, the HCL team developed daily punch lists to triage recurring failure issues. With better backup monitoring, the team identified systems issues faster and improved the time needed to identify underlying issues. With better troubleshooting operations, HCL regularly hit their 99% SLA goals.

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