Never miss an SLA goal

Your BaaS team is expected to meet stringent, customer-established SLA goals and government-mandated regulations. Nail those service levels by demonstrating compliance when needed and identifying issues early so you can continue beating your targets. 

Stay On Target

Outperform your backup targets

tay on top of risk. Automated storage spike alerts, consecutive failure alerts and in-progress job performance reporting ensures you’re always one-step ahead anything that could impact your goals.

Centralized backup data visibility

All customer data, centralized

Comprehensive metrics consolidated in one platform let you unify backup operations monitoring across customers, making complex environments easier to oversee, no matter the backup products being used.

Annotate and retain historical data

Unlimited backup performance data is preserved in Bocada so you can report on any period, analyze compliance trends, and manage risk more effectively.

Used By Companies Across The Globe to Monitor & Protect Critical Data


Bocada Data Sheet

An overview of Bocada’s key features, core functionality, supported backup products, and technical requirements.

Automated Backup Best Practices

Learn how automating backup monitoring operations and compliance can drastically reduce man hours, no matter where you store your data.

72% backup failure reducation

Discover how an MSP reduced backup failures by 72%, all while reducing costs and improving reporting visibility.