Senior Software Development Engineer

Employer: Bocada LLC
Job Title: Senior Software Development Engineer
Location: Bellevue, WA

Job Description:

Responsible for developing and testing computer software applications, systems, or services. Design and develop high quality, robust, secure, and scalable software code. Create unit tests for code and facilitate automated end-to-end testing by writing test-enabled code. Apply understanding of computer operating systems, web services, databases, algorithms, memory management, performance optimization, and scalability. Contribute to the architecture and design of an enterprise software product at all levels of the software development stack, from services and data mining to database and reporting. Participate in peer code reviews. Work with product management and customer support team to understand and satisfy customer requirements. Collaborate closely with customers and the support team to troubleshoot problems, triage bugs, analyze root causes, and resolve technical issues identified. Actively participate in improving software engineering processes. Provide technical and thought leadership to the team. May be assigned to various projects that utilize the required skills.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, or a related field.

Three years of experience in any full-stack software engineering job.

Demonstrated skills in each of the following: Web user interface development using Vue.js, Kendo, or other JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS or AngularJS; full stack development using .NET, C#, Web Services, REST, MSSQL, and C++; cloud computing and familiarity with machine learning; delivering high quality enterprise solutions over multiple product lifecycles; and agile development methodologies.

To apply, send resume to: